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argot, bad language, billingsgate, blue language, cant, colorful language, cursing, cussing, dirty language, dirty talk, dysphemism, evil speaking, filth, filthy language, foul language, gibberish, gobbledygook, jargon, lingo, mumbo jumbo, obscenity, patois, patter, phraseology, profane swearing, profanity, ribaldry, slang, strong language, swearing, taboo language, unparliamentary language, unrepeatable expressions, vernacular, vile language, vocabulary, vulgar language

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • scatology — (n.) obscene literature, 1876, from Gk. skat , stem of skor (gen. skatos) excrement (from PIE root *sker to defecate ) + logy treatise, study. Related: Scatological …   Etymology dictionary

  • scatology — ► NOUN ▪ a preoccupation with excrement and excretion. DERIVATIVES scatological adjective. ORIGIN from Greek sk r dung …   English terms dictionary

  • scatology — [skə täl′ə jē] n. [ SCATO + LOGY] 1. the study of feces or of fossil excrement 2. obscenity or obsession with the obscene, esp. with excrement or excretion, in literature scatological [skat΄ə läj′i kəl] adj …   English World dictionary

  • Scatology — For the Coil album, see Scatology (album). In medicine and biology, scatology or coprology is the study of feces. Scatological studies allow one to determine a wide range of biological information about a creature, including its diet (and thus… …   Wikipedia

  • Scatology (album) — Infobox Album Name = Scatology Type = studio Artist = Coil Caption = original LP cover Released = 1984 Recorded = Genre = Industrial, Experimental Length = CD 55:04 Label = Force Form, Some Bizarre, Threshold House Producer = Coil Reviews =… …   Wikipedia

  • scatology — noun Etymology: Greek skat , skōr excrement; akin to Old English scearn dung, Latin muscerdae mouse droppings Date: 1876 1. interest in or treatment of obscene matters especially in literature 2. the biologically oriented study of excrement (as… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • scatology — scatological /skat l oj i keuhl/, scatologic, adj. /skeuh tol euh jee/, n. 1. the study of or preoccupation with excrement or obscenity. 2. obscenity, esp. words or humor referring to excrement. 3. the study of fossil excrement. Also called… …   Universalium

  • scatology — noun a) The scientific study, or the chemical analysis of faeces. ...lingo of the streets with its spewed out scatologies and its anti womanist rhetoric of hoes and bitches mdash; all so evocative of life in the ghetto... b) A filthy …   Wiktionary

  • scatology — 1. The scientific study and analysis of feces, for physiologic and diagnostic purposes. SYN: coprology. 2. The study relating to the psychiatric aspects of excrement or excremental (anal) function. [ …   Medical dictionary

  • scatology — (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun Something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency: bawdry, dirt, filth, obscenity, profanity, ribaldry, smut, vulgarity. Slang: raunch. See DECENT …   English dictionary for students

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